Lark Alert was created to address ranching supply chain challenges, but now encompasses much more. Helium-compatible Lark Alert sensors enable customers to monitor, track, predict, and visualize anything — from fridge temperatures to cattle locations. Having begun as a tracking provider for different ranching assets such as stock tanks, freezers, and livestock, Lark Alert knows that supply chain solutions often require personalization. To address this reality, Lark Alert frequently designs and programs LoRaWAN sensors for individual applications or environments. The end result? Improved operational efficiencies and a reduction in manual labor requirements. Gone are the days that customers fill out a survey on restroom cleanliness within a restaurant: Lark Alert sensors enable instant feedback with a few buttons on a wall. Ranchers counting every minute in the day cut down on unnecessary tasks such as checking water tanks by installing a simple tank level alert sensor from Lark Alert. No matter the challenge, Lark Alert has a custom solution.

The Idea

We started LarkAlert to figure out how to keep livestock safe and eliminate unnecessary waste and loss of time. We continue to grow by adding more products and solutions.

Quality and Uptime

Lark Alert Uses the latest low power hardware and the most advanced network "Helium" to transmit up to the minute information and keep landowners, restaurants, and refrigerated storage safe, we are always adding to our options.

Made In Montana!

We will work with you to build out a product for your individual solution. By leveraging already existing products and adding sensors and other components we can track, and log almost any situation.

Having grown up in rural Montana together, co-founders Odis and Ogden Harkins and Dan Denson have a combination of farming, programming, marketing, and business experiences. Each person leverages their unique ability to fulfill customer needs!

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